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The hottest thing coming out of Houston these days seems to be Buxton. Besides getting heaps of local praise, the indie-rock outfit was named by Esquire as a band to watch in 2012 Read More
Richard Thompson
Electric proves a logical next step from Thompson's Grammy-nominated 2010 effort, Dream Attic, a record of then-new material that was cut live on the road. The singer says.. Read More
Connie and Olivia (Kids Interview Bands) interviewed Kalen and JT of Ponderosa at The Newport in Columbus, OH on October 16, 2012.
Max Gomez
The lyric video for the first single off Max Gomez's debut album 'Rule The World.'
Buddy Miller
Band of Joy guitarist and producer Buddy Miller tells Rolling Stone that the Led Zeppelin singer visited his home studio in Nashville last year for a casual joint songwriting session that proved fertile.. Read More
The Atlanta indie rock quintet Ponderosa are self-described as psychedelic Southern rock with bits of soul. While that's probably a fair way of describing them.. Read More
Corb Lund
Lilly Hiatt
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Grandfather Child
While the band has undeniable connections to rock, soul, and maybe a little psych, they are more directly influenced by the original soul, blues and gospel artists from the ‘50s Read More
The Whigs
Live from Austin City Limits Music Festival, October 13, 2012
Ronnie Fauss
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John Hiatt
Some performers can sound good singing a grocery list, and it turns out John Hiatt is one of them. Read More
Slim, Murphy, Taylor
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The Whigs
Athens, GA is a renowned wellspring of great music, from R.E.M. & The B-52′s to the Elephant 6 collective and garage rockers Read More