The Mastersons
The number of albums getting released each year has been increasing, so it makes sense that the number of albums that go largely ignored by radio and the mainstream music media each year would be on the rise. Read More
John Hiatt
It's a Spongebob Christmas! Album. Any year-end list has to have a designated holiday release, and 2012 is the year for Spongebob. Whether the television show is on your playlist or not.. Read More
Continuing with our year-end panorama, Rocks Off asked our contributors a simple question with a not-so-simple answer: What was your favorite local album of 2012? Read More
Buddy Miller
They’re in Miller’s gear-happy home recording studio. Jim arrived late for an interview and is making coffee. Buddy is talking about.. Read More
Buddy Miller
Buddy Miller says these days it's not unusual for duet partners to cut their love songs syllable by syllable while never even seeing each other: "In this town especially that's what happens." Read More
Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale
Available Now
GRAMMY-winning songwriter discusses his new album with Buddy Miller, Buddy And Jim, and the new documentary highlighting his career, The King Of Broken Hearts. Read More
Corb Lund
Corb Lund is a country-western singer. And by country, we mean Canada. The singer-songwriter, who comes from an Albertan ranching family, is also a past winner of Canada's prestigious JUNO award. Read More
I’ve only recent caught on to the wonderful music that Ponderosa is putting out. Based out of Atlanta, Ponderosa aren’t afraid of wearing their influences on their sleeves and adding subtle twists to their sounds... Read More
Corb Lund
Like death and taxes, there’s one thing a traveling musician can always count on: Eventually, you’re bound to get pulled over. Read More
Savannah Stopover is a three-day music and arts festival that takes place in Savannah, Ga., one of the most quintessentially Southern towns. Next year’s festival Read More
Eric Johnson
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Max Gomez can’t believe his life. The singer/songwriter from Taos – who now lives in California – has had an amazing past six months. Read More
Robert Ellis
For the second year in a row, Paste teamed up with our friends at Sennheiser for intimate recording sessions at Newport Folk Festival. The latest installment of the series Read More
The hottest thing coming out of Houston these days seems to be Buxton. Besides getting heaps of local praise, the indie-rock outfit was named by Esquire as a band to watch in 2012 Read More