Bentley's Bandstand: 2012 Ends & Odds

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It's a Spongebob Christmas! Album. Any year-end list has to have a designated holiday release, and 2012 is the year for Spongebob. Whether the television show is on your playlist or not, Spongebob Squarepants supplies Christmas cheer way beyond the call of duty. And when it's time to roll back the rug and get down to some dirty dancing, "Ho Ho Hoedown" cranks up the craziness and will likely have the neighbors calling the cops, because clearly Santa Claus is getting down...

John Hiatt, Mystic Pinball. How does a great singer-songwriter stay great? There is no way to really know, but for clues, asking John Hiatt might be a start. It's been 40 years since the young man ventured from Indiana to Nashville to make his mark. Of course, that it took over ten years to really turn up the heat is sometimes overlooked, but once Hiatt found a path to the front of the class he never looked back. It's a musical feast the way he continues to astound, whether it's with new songs like "We're Alright Now" or "You're All the Reason I Need," or a voice that often feels like he has uncovered secrets of the soul. Even when the machine lights up "tilt," John Hiatt never stops ringing in those lit-up lights on the scoreboard. Ding-a-ding ding.