Buddy Miller & Jim Lauderdale Make A Dynamic Duo

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They’re in Miller’s gear-happy home recording studio. Jim arrived late for an interview and is making coffee. Buddy is talking about songwriter Troy Seals’ first album on Atlantic Records, which came out in 1973 and spawned four singles, none of which cracked the Top 77 of the U.S. country charts.

“Great album,” Miller says, and he’s obscurely correct. He’s been obscurely correct for decades, though much of the obscurity has fallen by the wayside as Miller’s name is now associated with popularly approved albums from Robert PlantEmmylou HarrisPatty Griffin and others, and he’s co-producing much of the music for ABC’s “Nashville” television show with T Bone Burnett.

He and Lauderdale co-host a Sirius XM Satellite radio show called “The Buddy & Jim Show,” and their “Buddy & Jim” duo album came out Tuesday.