Buxton's Top Five Movies That Make Us Feel Terrible

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​If it seems as though we've been discussing emerging New West Records signees or inventive bands who know how to artfully blend folk, rock and country together lately, it's because we have.

So why don't we continue that trend right here, yes? OK, good.

Buxton, a five-piece from Houston, has just released the style-bending Nothing Here Seems Strange on New West and have been hitting the road pretty hard to celebrate and promote. Their latest album's nailed a pleasing cross-section of vibes, preventing it from ever getting stale or predictable. One minute, a ballad softly meanders as a banjo crawls cautiously in the background; minutes later, a full-on country rock jamboree breaks out, making it clear that this front porch indeed has electrical outlets.

Buxton makes their way back to Texas this weekend after a solid bit of non-Lone Star touring. In order to mark the occasion, we let the band decide what topic they wanted to cover in this edition of All-Time Top Five. Bassist Chris Wise took proper advantage of such freedom.

5. Die Hard
I will never be as cool or brute as John McClane. I'd rather die than step on glass. To a lesser degree, I'd rather die than get a papercut.

4. Jingle All the Way 
The story of a terrible dad duking it out with Sinbad. And the kid was a total brat. R.I.P. Phil Hartman.

3. 500 Days of Summer
Please Hollywood, leave The Pixies alone. However, you can keep The Smiths.

2. Requiem for a Dream
For obvious reasons, excessive drug use is a little off-putting. So is an amputated limb.

1. Cocoon
Good lord! That movie made me feel terrible. It also confirmed that I do not want to live forever, or steal life from alien beings.