CMT Edge Premieres New Music Video for "Alone In Memphis"

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Suspicious minds might’ve guessed that Elvis impersonators have feelings, too. That’s especially true in Austin Lucas’ brand new video, “Alone in Memphis.”

Although he’s signed to an indie label, the Indiana native shares the spotlight with a very famous guest star. Or does he? CMT Edge traded emails with Lucas about the one-of-a-kind video which is making its world premiere Wednesday (Jan. 8) on Elvis’ birthday.

CMT Edge: You found a clever, often funny way to tell a sad story. What was it about this video treatment that grabbed you?

Lucas: Honestly, it just seemed so perfect to be telling a story about Memphis and to include Elvis. He’s so intrinsically wrapped into the fabric of that city’s mythology and the collective consciousness of the world. I felt as though it could make everything that much more tangible and relatable for the listener.

With a protagonist that is so familiar, I hoped that it would make the audience feel the isolation of the characters in the story of the song just that much more and hopefully really bring it home while making folks laugh.

Where did you shoot the video, and what do you remember most about it? Any favorite scenes or extras?

We filmed it in Nashville, but we wanted for the locations to be as nondescript as possible. My favorite moment was when we were filming the performance sequence with Lauren [Dolly]. She really turned it on and was incredible.

On this track in particular, I can hear a classic country influence in the writing and your voice. Is that something that you’re drawn to?

Absolutely! The way I see it, if you aren’t listening to classic country, then you’re missing out on the purest and most beautiful form of American music. It’s all well and good to follow whatever trend is popular in Nashville today. But if you aren’t paying due respect to the rich legacy of country music, then how could you ever hope for the music you make to stand the test of time next to legends who came before?

Enjoy the CMT Edge premiere of Austin Lucas’ “Alone in Memphis.” Thank you, thank you very much.