Duke of Masterson and Duchess of Whitmore Harmonize from Austin to London

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Onstage, they are a striking couple, her flaming red hair mesmerizing as she dips and bends, playing exquisite fiddle while he blazes on guitar with Buddy Holly-​​like cool with his glasses, stovepipe trousers and hipster hat. But when they sing together, whether playing a set at the Bowery Electric or on their just-​​released album, Birds Fly South, (New West) they are unforgettable. What Emmylou Harris calls the “Third Voice,” the magic that occurs when singers in close relationships sing together, elevates every song. On “Crash Test,” they go from unison to harmony and back again. But when they sing “Don’t want to wait for you baby, there’s not enough time/​I don’t care if we don’t make it, I just want to try/​I want a crash test,” you feel intimately present at the glorious beginning of something wild and wonderful.Read the full article at Roll Magazine