Grandfather Child Performs Thursday Night at The Parish

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I was doing my homework on Houston-based quartet Grandfather Child when I came across their video for the track “Can’t Seem To Forget,” filmed at the beautiful Edythe Bates Old Chapel in Round Top, TX. Talk about leaving me floored. It’s exquisite. Led by vocalist and steel guitarist Lucas Gorham, and featuring the multi-talented Robert EllisRyan Chavez and Geoffrey Muller, Grandfather Child appreciates the art of subtlety. They know how to rock out, but it doesn’t always have to come fast and furious. They master the slower and mid-tempos with just as much passion and spirit.

While the band has undeniable connections to rock, soul, and maybe a little psych, they are more directly influenced by the original soul, blues and gospel artists from the ‘50s and earlier, who in turn inspired every band and musician that came after those very artists. Yet Grandfather Child is creating something fresh, contemporary and absolutely genuine.