New West's Songwriters Talk About SXSW Now And Then

Veteran musicians John Hiatt, Richard Thompson, Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale and newcomer Max Gomez performed at New West Records' South By Southwest party Thursday.

Max Gomez had a mind-blowing moment at South By Southwest.

The up-and-coming singer-songwriter took an outdoor stage that had already been warmed-up by Richard Thompson, John Hiatt, Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale.

"I can say I had them open for me," he laughed. "That will never happen again."

In truth, the New West Records showcase Thursday afternoon at Threadgill's, had no clear pecking order, but the label clearly has high hopes for Gomez. His River Phoenix-John Mayeresque good looks and weathered-beyond-its-years voice surely warrant their interest.

 Songs such as "Rule The World" and "I Should Have Run From You" display a directness and depth that deserve attention from fans of Americana music and beyond.