Ponderosa "Never Come Back"

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Shall we talk today about one of the still cool things in the music biz, the indie record store? In this day of file sharing and music discovery being done on one’s own, having an outpost with informed clerks and a community culture that takes out the virtual and makes it real is so important. If you consider yourself a music junkie, here is hoping you have a store near you dedicated to ferreting out the good stuff. One of the great ones is Grimey’s New & Preloved Music in Nashville. There you will find limited editions only available at indie music stores, and a grand march of fabulous in store performances. The band Ponderosa will be there today in Nashville at 6pm.

Ponderosa has been hard at work, crafting a new album and refining and building on their sound. Pool Party comes out today, and it represents an amazing growth spurt for the band from Atlanta, Georgia. This is the follow up to 2011’s Moonlight Revival. Kalen Nash on lead vocal and guitar, JT Hall playing bass and singing, John Dance on keys and vocals, Kris Sampson on guitar, and Darren Dodd on drums, came en masse to our Spring Music Fog Marathon in March at Threadgill’s WHQ in Austin. They brought us some powerful stuff. Here is one of the new songs, recorded Music Fog style. “Never Come Back.”