Ponderosa: Pool Party

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The Atlanta indie rock quintet Ponderosa are self-described as psychedelic Southern rock with bits of soul. While that's probably a fair way of describing them, they're also hallucinatory, histrionic and hyper-kinetic. Their sophomore LP Pool Party is an arresting disc that is richly constructed, expertly played and nary a flaw. Lead single "Navajo," is fiery, feral and nothing short of infectious. 

Album opener "For Here I Am, Born," is soulful and crackling. The song begins slow and seems rooted in patience and cadence before segueing into a stormy, rattling rocker. That dalliance between slow soul-rock and feisty guitar-driven howling permeates much of Pool Party. "Black Hill Smoke," seems steeped in Southern mist and fog, like a hazy July morning in Warner Robins; while "Never Come Back," is languid and forlorn before building into something dreamy and ambient, almost luminiscent. One of the disc's true highlights is the title track, a lingering and enveloping anthem that is undeniably catchy. "Pool Party," feels much like "Black Hill Smoke," but is far more ruminative and is everything a title track should be.