Taos Country - Artist Max Gomez Readies New Album

For the past several years, a record deal has been shimmering on Max Gomez’s horizon like some thirsty man’s mirage. But, that is pure history now. Last year, Gomez, 25, signed on with Los Angeles-based independent recording label, New West Records and is now set to release his debut album titled, “Rule the World,” on Tuesday (Jan. 22).

Gomez opens the album with the title tune. Brilliantly crafted with careful flourishes to bring out the substance inherent in the words of his song, this rendition is a show-stopper, returning again and again to its simple heartbeat.

From there, Gomez keeps a steady pace walking towards “where the pavement ends and the trouble begins,” leaning heavily on his country, blues and folk roots.

Track by track, sure-footed and full of wonder, Gomez takes his listeners for a dusty ride through the landscapes he has traveled on his own. They are not unfamiliar places — the dismal desert of heartbreak, the mountain streams where dreams live. But Gomez does not take the usual route to get us there. He drops pretense to favor all the tender places that eventually turn a piece of grit into a pearl.

“It’s a bit surreal to me to have finished the record,” says Gomez. “I’ve dreamt about making a record since I was a kid.”