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Frankie Lee and Nikki Lane at the MPR booth at the Minnesota State Fair. (MPR photo/Luke Taylor)

Stopping by the MPR booth at the Minnesota State Fair on Saturday, Aug. 23, Nashville singer-songwriter Nikki Lane, along with local musician Frankie Lee, performed a live set and chatted with The Current's Barb Abney.

In her discussion with Barb, Nikki talked about her move to Nashville; about her "spelunking" — the word she uses to describe her thrift-store fashion quests; and how she came to meet and work with Dan Auerbach, and what it was like to collaborate with him on her most recent album, All or Nothin'.

Listen to the complete audio to hear the full session set against the lively backdrop of the Minnesota State Fair.

Songs Performed

"Love's On Fire"
"Right Time"
"You Can't Talk to Me Like That"
All songs off Nikki Lane's album, All or Nothin', available on New West Records.

Hosted by Barb Abney
Produced by Kelsey Brannan
Engineered by Cameron Wiley and Michael DeMark

 Click here to listen to the 3 tracks and interview.