Rocks Off's 10(ish) Favorite Albums of 2012

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Continuing with our year-end panorama, Rocks Off asked our contributors a simple question with a not-so-simple answer: What was your favorite local album of 2012?

COREY DEITERMAN: Buxton's Nothing Here Seems Strange is the culmination of the sound the La Porte natives have been pursuing for years now. It felt like we waited on this one forever. I talked to the guys in the band repeatedly and the question that was always on the tip of my tongue was "when will there be a follow-up to A Family Light?" The answer was always, "when it's finally done."

Well, the New West Records debut from our folky indie-rock band has proven to not only be worth the wait, but delivers on the all promise shown by their earlier releases. Combining the members' disparate influences (from Nick Cave and Wilco to Bjork, Converge, and Circa Survive) to form a cohesive whole, it's not only a great album but all the work that went into the production has made it one of the best sounding releases of the year as well.