Cost Of Living

Release Date: 
August 23, 2005
New West Records
Release Type: 
  1. One Of The Fortunate Few
  2. Right To Be Wrong
  3. The Part I Like Best
  4. I’ll Change My Style
  5. Hammerhead Stew
  6. Your Memory, Me And The Blues
  7. Dead Wrong
  8. Down Into Mexico
  9. Kiss Her Once For Me
  10. Had A Real Good Time
  11. Midnight Communion
  12. Two Step Too
  13. Alright By Me

On Cost of Living Delbert wrote or co-wrote all of these songs of what he calls 'days in the life'. Album highlights include 'Right to Be Wrong', 'Kiss Her Once for Me' and 'Midnight Communion'. New West. 2005.