Pizza Deliverance

Release Date: 
May 11, 1999
New West Records
Release Type: 
  1. Bulldozers and Dirt
  2. Nine Bullets
  3. Uncle Frank
  4. Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus)
  5. Box of Spiders
  6. One of These Days
  7. Margo and Harold
  8. The Company I Keep
  9. The President’s Penis Is Missing
  10. Tales Facing Up
  11. Love Like This
  12. Mrs. Dubose
  13. Zoloft
  14. The Night G.G. Allin Came To Town

To call the Drive-By Truckers an alt-country band is a disservice--to the Truckers and their Buzzcocks-meet-the-Outlaws brand of punk-rock twang, as well as to most alt-country bands, which hardly belong in the same county as DBT, let alone borrowing the same genre. This remastered re-release of the Alabama foursome’s 1999 sophomore record picks up where its debut album Gangstabilly (also re-issued by New West Records) left off--fruitful storyteller Patterson Hood and his cotton-drawl vocals bobbing and weaving through the trepidations and peculiarities of his life in the Deep South. The Truckers abstain from some of the white-trash bulls-eyes and volume 11 blasters on their debut for a 14-song hootenanny about riding bulldozers in red clay, a reclusive uncle, giving up sex for the Lord, and a Memphis performance by the late shock-rocker G.G. Allin. The bluesy sing-a-long "Nine Bullets" features one round of lead for each of Hood’s adversaries, but two songs later he harmoniously reminisces his great-grandmother in "Box of Spiders." It’s a remarkable divergence that drives Pizza Deliverance and sets the table for the Southern Rock Opera that comes next. - Scott Holter