Happy in Galoshes

Release Date: 
September 25, 2008
New West Records
Release Type: 
  1. Missing Cleveland
  2. Tangle With Your Mind
  3. Blind Confusion
  4. Paralysis
  5. She Sold Her System
  6. Fame
  7. Killing Me Sweetly
  8. Big Black Monster
  9. Crash
  10. Beautiful Day
  11. Pictures and Computers
  12. Arch Angel
  13. Be Not Afraid

Rocketing to the forefront of the music world in 1992, Scott Weiland has become one of music’s most highly-respected and prolific artists. As the front man for Stone Temple Pilots, Weiland has remained a dominant force in rock music since the group’s inception. Now, with his sophomore solo release, Weiland proves that his music and song-writing is as potent and powerful as ever. Happy In Galoshes (New West Records / Soft Drive Records), produced by Scott Weiland and Doug Grean (Velvet Revolver, Sheryl Crow, Crystal Method), with select tracks by Steve Albini, features a collection of songs that bring a revitalizing sound to Weiland’s highly praised and unique musical style.