WPKN's 'PURE' w/ Howard Thompson presents "The Hamell On Trial Show"

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The good folks at WPKN devoted a 3 hour show to Hamell on Trial.

Ed Hamell talks about his life, his career, his influences, his music...

1. Hamell On Trial: The Meeting 
2. Frank Sinatra: I Get A Kick Out Of You 
3. Hamell On Trial: Big As Life 
4. Elvis Presley: Good Rockin Tonight 
5. Little Richard: Tutti Frutti 
6. Hamell On Trial: Choochtown 
7. The Primitives: The Ostrich
8. Hamell On Trial: Happiest Man In The World (live @ WPKN) 
9. Bob Dylan: Like A Rolling Stone
10. Hamell On Trial: Blood Of The Wolf 
11. ? & The Mysterians: 96 Tears
12. Hamell On Trial: Don't Kill
13. The Animals: Don't Bring Me Down 
14. Hamell On Trial: The Vines
15. The Beatles: Strawberry Fields Forever
16. Hamell On Trial: Open Up The Gates
17.The Stooges: Loose
18. Hamell On Trial: Folsom Prison Blues (live)
19. George Jones: He Stopped Loving Her Today 
20. Hamell On Trial: Hail (live @ WPKN)
21. The Replacements: Bastards of Young 
22. Hamell On Trial: The Hoo Hoo Song (live) 

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