New West Welcomes All Them Witches To The Family

Los Angeles, CA, June 11, 2015 – New West Records is thrilled to announce they have signed Nashville psych rock band All Them Witches and are readying their third studio album for a fall release. The foursome, who take their name from Roman Polanski’s 1968 masterpiece “Rosemary’s Baby,” will play their biggest show to date when they make their Bonnaroo debut this Saturday at midnight on The Who Stage.

NPR Music Premieres "Capable of Anything"

Ben Folds music has taken another turn, firmly embracing strings and chamber music yet still maintaining a passion for his love of pop. So There, his next album, will consist of eight chamber pop songs with the very talented yMusic Ensemble and one piano concerto performed with the Nashville Symphony. Today we premiere a little pocket symphony of sorts, a bit of pop perfection called "Capable of Anything."

NPR First Listen

Sam Doores and Riley Downing could've gone the troubadour route, singing solitary songs and traveling alone, unencumbered. The two singer-songwriters met at Woodyfest, after all, the annual celebration of Woody Guthrie. Doores had already taken to heart Guthrie's self-mythologizing in Bound For Glory and tried to retrace some of his hero's nomadic, train-hopping steps. But Downing and Doores, along with Cameron Snyder, Dan Cutler and John James Tourville, would rather do their rambling collectively, as The Deslondes.