Rolling Stone Country Premieres The One That Got Away

Sweeping, throwback ballad paves the way for new album, 'If I've Only One Time Askin"

It's a Monday morning in southern Ontario, and Daniel Romano doesn't feel like talking. 

"I don't remember anything about writing that song," he says of "The One That Got Away (Came Back Today)," a throwback country ballad thick with Spanish horns and strings.  "I couldn't even guess. It's just another song with 50 percent of the title in parentheses."

Steve Earle And The Dukes On World Cafe

Steve Earle is back on World Cafe, and he has the blues. His new album — titledTerraplane, named for a Robert Johnson song — draws from the genre both musically and lyrically.

Earle is going through a divorce, his seventh, after an eight-year marriage to singer Allison Moorer. But even with that backdrop, these blues songs aren't downers. As Earle says here, Terraplane couldn't have happened without his current cast of backing players in The Dukes, who take it to the crossroads in this session.

Buxton Shows Off New Maturity on Half a Native

Buxton's new album, Half a Native, comes out today, a little more than three years after its previous effort, Nothing Here Seems Strange. About half of the new songs carry on the line of contemplative, finger-picked acoustic tunes that characterized Strange and its predecessor, 2008's A Family Light. But "Good As Gone" crunches in plenty of electric fuzz, "High Tones" is a snug country shuffle, "Miss Catalina 1992" and "Icebreaker" are outright rockers and the lonesome-sounding midtempo tune "The Heart Won't Bend" would make a perfect single for Americana radio.