Just Enough Solder To Stick

Just watching the Ben Miller Band set up for a show tells you you're in for something unique. The three bearded men have a guitar, drums, mandolin, and a couple of horns, which seems normal enough, but then you see the electric banjo, electric washboard, a microphone made out of an old-school telephone handset, and, best of all, a single-stringed washtub bass.

American Songwriter Premiere's New Music Video for "Closer To You"

Chris Masterson and Eleanor Whitmore had successful careers in music before joining together as husband and wife and as a band. Alt-country duo The Mastersons keep sticking together in their new video for “Closer To You,” as they ride in a motorcycle and sidecar through a nighttime neighborhood.

The subdivision they’re in isn’t a sleepy one, and the Mastersons travel past a variety of scenes illuminated by streetlights. A girl sneaks out of her house with her boyfriend as her father gives chase, and another couple have a fight out on their front lawn.

Delivers “The Terms of My Surrender”

Are you ready for the thing called love? Sure. But are you ready for a fat man in a thong? If so, you’ll want to check out this live performance of John Hiatt’s “The Terms of My Surrender,” the title track of the acclaimed songwriter’s newest album.

The melody is subdued, and the footage is in black-and-white, yet there’s always a bit of clever, colorful wordplay in Hiatt’s exceptional catalog.

Brings Found Sound To Town

The Ben Miller Band makes a striking first impression.

A look at the band’s arsenal of musical instruments makes the viewer think they may have stopped by a few yard sales on the way to the gig, with a side trip to the local Ace Hardware.