Robert Ellis moved to Nashville to trade twang for polished pop

Around the same time Robert Ellis relocated to Nashville, he also chopped off all his long hair and adopted a more clean-cut look. There are those who are disinclined to believe that was mere coincidence.

"I had a lot of fans that asked me, 'Did the label ask you to do that?' " Ellis says. "And that's really sweet of them to think that I'm at this level where I've got enough fans that people care what my hair looks like. But yeah, that's not the reality."

The Vinyl District Interview

Ed Hamell of Hamell on Trial is one of the most exciting and brilliant songwriters to come our way in years. The New York-based Hamell is a one-man punk band, and what with his frantically strummed and heavily amplified acoustic guitar and wonderful vocal delivery; simultaneously bleak, touching, and hilarious songs; and propensity for telling long and very amusing anecdotes you won’t even notice he’s up there all by himself.

Paste Premieres New Album 'Sunswimmer'

When it comes to honing in on the perfect sound, Athens, Ga. band New Madrid is keeping it local and taking all the right cues: building a following with their live show and sharing bills with the likes of Futurebirds and Dead Confederate, the band has kept the momentum going by teaming up with David Barbe (Drive-By Truckers) as producer for debut full-length Sunswimmer.

Get To Know Hamell On Trial

Described as “Bill Hicks, Hunter S. Thompson and Joe Strummer all rolled into one” by Philadelphia Weekly and a “one-man Tarantino flick: loud, vicious, luridly hilarious, gleefully and deeply offensive” by the Village Voice, New West Records is proud to announce it has signed folk-punk provocateur Hamell on Trial.

PureVolume Premieres "Vandalize"

As the lead guitarist/vocalist in revered Southern folk-blues rockers North Mississippi All-Stars, it might comes as a surprise to learn that Luther Dickinson's favorite group growing up was seminal LA hardcore punk band Black Flag. Premiering exclusively on PureVolume today is track from Dickinson's third solo album (Rock 'N Roll Blues) that perfectly encapsulates his youth listening to punk rock coupled with his deep connection to the blues and roots rock — stream "Vandalize" above.