Spin Premieres New Track "Hit Me"

The Whigs will return on April 22 with their fifth album, the upcoming Modern Creation. Produced by Jim Scott (whose CV includes work with Wilco, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Weezer), the LP was recorded at PLYRZ Studios in Valencia, California and completed over the course of just two weeks, from start to finish. The forthcoming full-length, which follows 2012's Enjoy the Company, spans a total of 10 tracks and favors full-band live takes over studio trickery.

Concert review: Chuck Leavell joined by Gregg Allman, Randall Bramblett at Atlanta Symphony Hall

He, Leavell and the multi-talented Bramblett go back to the Sea Level days, and their comfort level was palpable. The rest of Bramblett’s band – Gerry Hansen on drums and Michael Steele on bass – was equally impressive (though Causey’s slide guitar stole the spotlight on Bramblett’s “Driving to Montgomery”).

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