Spin: Frank Black Releases 'Songs for Slim' 7-Inch Single for Charity Auction

Limited-edition record also features Suicide Commandos and You Am I

Frank Black has teamed with Minneapolis punk legends the Suicide Commandos for a new limited edition 7-inch, which is currently up for auction as part of the ongoing Songs for Slim charity project.

Paste: The Devil Makes Three to Release Buddy Miller-Produced Album

Vermont Americana trio The Devil Makes Three have made an impression over the last few years on the festival circuit and, especially, with strikingly boisterous live albums. Eschewing drums for a simple arrangement of guitar, upright bass and vocals, The Devil Makes Three — guitarist/frontman Pete Bernhard, bassist Lucia Turino and guitarist Cooper McBean—melt the likes of blues, ragtime, rockabilly, country and a punky ethos that calls to mind Northern brethren like Deer Tick.

Accidental Saint: The Theological Ruminations of Randall Bramblett

 “The songs of The Bright Spots are populated with saints and devils, peppered with spooky incantations that conjure swampy highways and dark water creeks. There are spirits in the water, the fields are moaning. The sense of place is so strong that it is a lively, living entity, seeping and breathing its way into each song. This produces an atmospheric, waking dream characteristic to the collection.” – Tom Speed, Honest Tune

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