Buxton's Album Release Show At Fitzgerald's

Buxton packed them in upstairs at Fitzgerald's on Saturday night, playing the entirety of their brand-new, just-released LP, Nothing Here Seems Strange. Performing before an audience of family, scene mavens, new fans, old fans, people who had seen them playing house parties in the early '00s, and curious outsiders, the band made believers out of many and reaffirmed their might to everyone else.

Buxton’s Country-Rock Mash-Ups Make For A Compelling Debut

"By all outward indications, Buxton is a full-fledged country band given the acoustic guitar and banjo that kick off “Wolves And Owls” on Nothing Here Seems Strange. But that intro hardly tells the story of this Houston-based band. Yes, the band clearly has country leanings, but more along the alt-lines pioneered by the Flying Burrito Brothers and early Bryds. “Broke From Bread,” in fact, sounds like a missing Burritos B-side with stinging guitar over edgy yet twangy harmony.

SPIN's 20 Best Country & Americana Albums of 2011

Robert Ellis's album "Photographs" is # 17 on Spin Magazines top 20 Country and Americana records this year.

17. Robert Ellis Photographs (New West)

Home: Houston. Age: barely legal. MO: coffeehouse folk mixed with adept trad country (the waltzes!). Likes: watching his girl unpack the Nintendo. Dislikes: cheaters. You'll be friends forever, but don't sass him when he comes home drunk."