Buxton’s Country-Rock Mash-Ups Make For A Compelling Debut

"By all outward indications, Buxton is a full-fledged country band given the acoustic guitar and banjo that kick off “Wolves And Owls” on Nothing Here Seems Strange. But that intro hardly tells the story of this Houston-based band. Yes, the band clearly has country leanings, but more along the alt-lines pioneered by the Flying Burrito Brothers and early Bryds. “Broke From Bread,” in fact, sounds like a missing Burritos B-side with stinging guitar over edgy yet twangy harmony.

SPIN's 20 Best Country & Americana Albums of 2011

Robert Ellis's album "Photographs" is # 17 on Spin Magazines top 20 Country and Americana records this year.

17. Robert Ellis Photographs (New West)

Home: Houston. Age: barely legal. MO: coffeehouse folk mixed with adept trad country (the waltzes!). Likes: watching his girl unpack the Nintendo. Dislikes: cheaters. You'll be friends forever, but don't sass him when he comes home drunk."