Release Date: 
March 24, 1998
New West Records
Release Type: 
  1. Wife Beater
  2. Demonic Possession
  3. The Tough Sell
  4. The Living Bubba
  5. Late For Church
  6. Panties In Your Purse
  7. Why Henry Drinks
  8. 18 Wheels of Love
  9. Steve McQueen
  10. Buttholeville
  11. Sandwiches For The Road

These Alabama rockers achieved critical acclaim for 2001’s double-CD Southern Rock Opera, a two-act, Tommy-goes-to-Dixie opus juxtaposing the tragedy of Lynyrd Skynyrd and the life of the Truckers’ prolific songwriter and enigmatic vocalist Patterson Hood. But long out of print even before Opera’s release is the simpler and more impulsive 1998 debut Gangstabilly (also remastered and re-released on New West Records), a 48-hour live-in-the-studio jam session of boiled-over twang, double-barrel rock and roll and South-deprecating wit. While nothing is off-limits in Hood's Deep South reconnaissance--Faberge cologne, domestic violence, Led Zeppelin, Republicans in hell, Porter Wagoner, baloney sandwiches and '68 Bonnevilles--the Truckers tread on the imagery with reverence rather than mockery. A tribute to late actor "Steve McQueen" is faster than the car-chase scene in Bullit. The crudeness-meets-reality of "Buttholeville" is as much white heat as it is white trash. And Hood’s "The Living Bubba," about an Atlanta musician dying of AIDS who "can’t die now cuz I got another show," turns from an earnest tribute to a "no preachin', no self-servin'" message from a band with a conscience--and a future. - Scott Holter