Live From Austin TX

Lucinda Williams
Release Date: 
November 11, 2008
Live From Austin Texas
Release Type: 
Live Show
Release Notes: 
Originally Aired: 12/05/1998
  1. Big Red Sun Blues
  2. Wild And Blue
  3. Am I Too Blue
  4. Crescent City
  5. Nothing In Rambling
  6. The Nights Too Long
  7. Abandoned
  8. I Just Wanted To See You So Bad
  9. Side Of The Road
  10. Price To Pay
  11. Disgusted
  12. Something About What Happens When We Talk
  13. Passionate Kisses
  14. Changed The Locks
  15. Happy Woman Blues

This performance was Lucinda’s third appearance on Austin City Limits, recorded on December 5, 1998, and coming off her album “Car Wheels on a Gravel Road,” which re-established her as one of the premier singer/songwriters of our time. Always considered a musician’s musician, her songs nonetheless have a way of connecting because she writes about real people and real places. There is a bond between Lucinda’s songs and the listener that is rare in today’s music, and her songs can suck you up like a Texas tornado and take you to a different state of mind.