Live From Austin TX

Clarence Gatemouth Brown
Release Date: 
March 26, 2012
Live From Austin Texas
Release Type: 
Live Show
Release Notes: 
Originally Aired: 02/06/1996
  1. Aint That Dandy
  2. Born In Louisiana
  3. Honky-Tonk
  4. Dark End of the Hallway
  5. Bits and Pieces
  6. Leftover Blues
  7. There You Are
  8. Early In The Mornin
  9. Things Aint What They Used To Be
  10. Up Jumped the Devil

Suffice it to say, in all of music there was only one Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown. Gatemouth was a one-man cauldron of sonic intensity and originality unmatched by anyone before or since. Still, born in Louisiana, raised in Texas and bouncing around the Texas circuit explains a lot. Gate borrowed heavily from the Big Band sound, and his music could swing with the best of them, as he demonstrates on “Take the A Train” in this show, recorded on February 6, 1996 (the last of his four appearances on Austin City Limits).