Ready For The Flood

Release Date: 
February 16, 2009
New West Records
Release Type: 
  1. The Rose Society
  2. Bicycle
  3. Turn Your Pretty Name Around
  4. Saturday Morning On Sunday Street
  5. Kick The Wood
  6. Chamberlain, SD
  7. Black Eyes
  8. Doves And Stones
  9. My Gospel Song For You
  10. When The Wind Comes Up
  11. Bloody Hands
  12. Life's Warm Streets
  13. The Trap's Been Set

Although they’ve toured together and renewed their friendship, this is the first 

recording by Olson and Louris since Olson left the Jayhawks in 1995.  What 

would become Ready For The Flood was recorded at Sage & Sound Studios 

in Hollywood with friend Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes. Louris had 

called in Robinson, who happened to be in town at that point, for “vibe support” 

and he ended up producing the album; he also appears on the album playing 

harmonica and contributing backing vocals. 

Ready For The Flood captures the stripped down, fingerpicked guitar playing 

and  Laurel Canyon sound of an earlier time, with allusions to English folk – 

Bert Jansch, Nick Drake, John Renbourne, whom both Mark and Gary had 

both been getting into independently – and a simpler, live recording technique 

where capturing the right vibe was as important as the sound. It’s an album 

that only two career musicians and friends could make – organic, intuitive and 

loosely confident, heartfelt and moving, echoing with the combined experience 

of two kindred spirits reuniting to do what they do – and love – best.