Skin Collision Past (Deluxe Edition)

Release Date: 
June 21, 2011
New West Records
Release Type: 
  1. Skin Collision Past
  2. Cake
  3. Its Health & My Own
  4. Late Night Television
  5. Psychic China
  6. Born Blonde
  7. Calendar
  8. Chapter Four
  9. Zylophone
  10. My Favorites Die
  11. Spanish & Jazz
  13. Fruit Tea
  14. Mailman
  15. Shiny Strings

Do yourself a favor. Search Wild Moccasins on Youtube or Flickr or any similar website. You will find a youthful quintet from Houston, Texas, America's 4th largest city, utterly overjoyed by performing. You will then notice the fans, exuberant Millenials smiling ear-to-ear, absolutely euphoric at what they see onstage. In an era in which the blogosphere often selects the next big thing out of thin air, Wild Moccasins bolsters its name old-fashioned way: playing live. Persistence and hard work have helped the band build a feverish local base in its hometown one individual at a time. Now, Houstonians are hard pressed to squeeze into one of Wild Moccasins’ regularly sold-out, enthusiastic live performances.


The charming full length features nine songs of pop bliss, highlighted by the female/male vocal pairings of Zahira Gutierrez and Cody Swann. As a bonus, the album includes the original EP, Microscopic Metronomes. In 2009, it won “Best EP” in the Houston Press Music Awards.