Special 20

Release Date: 
October 20, 1998
New West Records
Release Type: 
  1. Just Like Home
  2. Special 20
  3. Torture Comes To Mind
  4. Troublesome Kind
  5. All The Pretty Girls Leave Town
  6. Everywhere Is Somewhere
  7. Help Me Find My Space Girl
  8. Sweet Violet
  9. Hey Rosine
  10. Rewind

Special 20 is Tim Easton's first solo album. It happened spontaneously as the result of Tim suddenly finding himself without a band. He'd been playing with a group called The Haynes Boys and when they parted ways, Tim was still rarin' to go and had a sack full of songs. He cut the record in Nashville at Alex The Great Studios. The feel is somewhere between folk and rock. "I remember thinking how cool it was that Neil Young could have heavy tunes with big guitars and quiet, acoustic numbers on the same record," Tim recalled. He used Matt Surgeson from The Haynes Boys on bass and a kid from Memphis by the name of Ross Rice on drums. The legendary Al Perkins sat in on Dobro and steel. Tim didn't have a label deal at the time but that wasn't going to stop him. He started his own, called it Heathen and put the album out himself in 1999. "Listening to it now," Tim chuckles, "I hear an almost angry writer but also the beginnings of a more contemplative, singer-songwriter. I certainly am proud it's getting a re-birthing of sorts!"